Ticked OFF!

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Ticked OFF!
Ticked OFF!

Doodlebug Barkery's Ticked OFF! blended oil tick repellent

Made of 100% natural essential oils and carrier oils that repel and deter ticks from your pets skin and coat. Ditch the expensive collars and harmful chemicals this summer and try Ticked OFF!

While Ticked OFF! is made from natural ingredients it is important to do a test patch when introducing new products to your pets to be sure there is no allergic reaction. We suggest a drop on or near the paw for testing. Should your pet present an allergic reaction, wash with a mild dish soap and rinse with water. 


Fill the eye dropper and squeeze gently while running it along the dogs spine from shoulders to base of tail.

You can also add Ticked OFF! directly to the collar before walking, hiking or playing outdoors where ticks are present. 

Reapply every 5-7 days or as necessary.

1/2 oz bottle with glass dropper